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When kids feel like they belong, good things happen. They are more likely to feel better about themselves, show respect and empathy for others and succeed academically.

Unfortunately, many students do not experience that feeling of belonging. Recent declines in mental health combined with the effects of the pandemic have caused kids to feel disconnected.

That is why The Sports Museum has created and is currently piloting a new educational program entitled ALL IN: A Boston vs. Bullies Program on Belonging.  It is designed to promote kids’ sense of belonging in their schools and in their communities.

ALL IN is geared toward kids in Grades 3-4 and will serve as a prequel to our flagship Boston vs. Bullies program that we deliver to older kids (Grades 5-6).  It represents a superb addition to The Sports Museum’s portfolio of educational programs.

The ALL IN program objectives correspond with CASEL’s five areas of social emotional competence.

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