Kevin Buchanan

August 01, 2013

Caught in Southie
Kevin Buchanan 

Fired Up!

Hand-eye coordination is key when playing lacrosse.  So is speed, agility, strength and team work.   Kevin Buchanan  is a perfect combination of these qualities in the form of #27 on the Boston Cannons.  He picked up the stick when he was just five years old, and has been playing lacrosse professionally for the past five years.  The MLL (Major League Lacrosse)  is composed of eight teams from the  United States and Canada and began in 2001.  The Boston Cannons is one of those teams.  The 5'11, 180 pound lacrosse midfielder is also a Southie resident.  Kevin has lived in South Boston for the past three years and loves living in the best neighborhood in Boston. "Southie is the best.  It's in close proximity to downtown with awesome beaches and parks.  The people are awesome too.  My landlords, Pete and Kelly Lydon, are original Southie folks and will no doubt be life-long friends of mine," says Kevin.

Not just about sticks and balls:
Through the Boston Cannons, Kevin is actively involved in the organization Boston vs. Bullies, a campaign to raise awareness about bullying sponsored by the Sports Museum.  Kevin was selected to help provide guidance through mentoring kids into taking a strong stance against bullying.  "It used to be bullying was an accepted part of growing up.  We need to understand that bullying is a real issue.  Not only do we raise awareness about bullying, we offer tips on how to handle being bullied and what to do if you see someone being bullied," says Kevin. 

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