Executive Director Rusty Sullivan weighs in on anti-bullying techniques

March 26, 2015


Anti-Bullying Dad's Facebook Page Turns Out to Include Nazi Images

BDCWIRE 03.26.2015 A dad who gained brief Internet exposure because of his extreme anti-bullying techniques turns out to have posted Nazi images on his Facebook page.

Timothy S. Robenhorst received many media mentions – including on this site – after he gave his son a series of harsh penalties to punish him for bullying, among them making the boy hold a sign that listed his punishments. The image quickly went viral.

A bullying expert quoted by BDCwire Thursday questioned the value of such parenting techniques. But questions about Robenhorst’s parenting were quickly replaced by questions about his positions on race when it turned out that photos in his Facebook stream include swastikas and other offensive images.

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