Boston vs Bullies Educate GPS Coaches

April 16, 2014

Global Premier Soccer - Massachusetts
Boston vs Bullies Educate GPS Coaches 

Waltham 16th April 2014: As part of the recent induction week, new and existing staff at GPS Massachusetts took part in an educational session titled 'Boston VS Bullies' presented by the Sports Museum (overseen by Michelle Gormley) and the Boston sports community. The initiative includes Boston VS Bullies online resources, facilitator's guides and educational videos that educate and provide strategies to reduce bullying in social and sporting communities.

The aim of Boston Vs Bullies is to make sport a safer and more enjoyable environment for every child or minor that participates. Sport has the potential to be a positive experience for all involved; unfortunately this experience can be different in environments where bullying is prevalent

GPS staff participated in an afternoon session that involved a presentation from Diana Cutaia, owner and founder of Coaching Peace, combined with group discussion, thought provoking scenarios and the opportunity for staff to share both coaching and personal experiences. The session educated staff about what constitutes bullying, how to identify it and how best to deal with this behavior.

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